Design, Test, & Share VR Interfaces

Create in Figma. Test in WebVR.

Design in 2D like you always do. VRooms allows you to design for VR without the pain of compiling and running code or VR programs. Test instantly in WebVR & share with developers & stakeholders. It's Invision, for VR.

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Test and share in VR instantly

Works on CardBoard

Built on WebVR

Real time updates

Test and share in VR instantly

Runs on any hardware

Built on WebVR

Real time updates

From design to prototypes in seconds.

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From design to prototypes in seconds.

VRooms let's you design in 2D and test in Virtual Reality. Iterate fast with instant updates & browser based VR.

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Link your Figma, download our template file, and the rest is up to you.

Design flat just like you always do

Our integration does the rest. Once you're ready to test in VR, just export to VRooms. Preview in Browser or via any WebVR compatible HMD.

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Share VRoom codes with friends & colleagues

No compiling of code or hosting your own servers. Just share your unique VRoom code and invite others to test your prototype alongside you

Coming Soon for Oculus Go

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does VRooms cost?

VRooms is free and will always have a free tier. Eventually we plan to introduce subscription plans with enhanced features such as voice chat & enhanced interactions.

How do I pronounce VRooms?

We get this a lot. You say it, exactly as it's written, like vrooms. Another way of thinking about it is that VRooms lets you prototype so quickly, it's like a car that goes vroom vroom.

How do I update a VRoom?

You can update any VRoom by clicking the VRooms Extension while inside the Figma for that design. Once the new tab opens and displays your VRooms you can refresh the VRoom to view the updated design.

Why a Chrome Extension?

VRooms used to be powered by a simple bookmarklet. After two consecutive versions of Chrome broke dragging to the bookmarks bar, we decided to finally build an extension. Support for Firefox is coming soon.

Why Figma & not Sketch?

Figma is free & not tied to Mac. Eventually we may put out a Sketch Plugin but we wanted anyone and everyone to be able to build for VR.

Who do I contact for feature requests?

Email us at [email protected] with any features you think VRooms should have in the future!

Ready to get started designing for VR?

Link your Figma, Download the VRooms Extension, and Start a New File. It's that easy.